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3 PCS Beat A Die Flat Magic Trick Toy (a50)

€ 7,95

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1. Beat with force a common die with both hands suddenly it is beaten flat into a plastic point card and can be passed to the audience for examination.
2. The juggle is a very fruitful close-up performance.
3. Properties: A spring die disappearing device and a plastic card printed with dots.
4. Lock the die disappearing on the buckle
5. Hide the plastic card inside the palm of the right hand.
6. Draw the die out from the die disappearing device nip it between the index finger and middle finger of the left hand and push it with force with the thumb.naturally do not let the audience find the force return line for the movement and hide it under your hand.
7. Let the audience see clear it is a common die and see clearly the points on it.
8. Clap the left hand with the right hand palm with force open the index finger and middle finger of the left hand the loose the die.with the claps the die is rebounded into the waist through the rebounding device.
9. Open the palm a flat die (plastic card) beaten by force is in the hand show the plastic card to the spectators.